Adapterset ist kompatibel mit unseren RAISX

Adapterset 8 in 1 Grip Cap Set

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Individual Caps

for individual gamers

RAISX compatible

Matching set for our RAISX stick control


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Detailed informations

  • Extension of the stick by 13 mm (with the RAISX by up to 26mm)
  • Improved leverage with up to 50% better Aiming
  • Enlarges the range in which high-precision steering movements are possible
  • No loss of warranty of the controller, due to Plug'n Play mechanics
  • Individual adaptation of the controller for perfect ergonomics
  • Admitted for tournament games
  • Compatible with:
    • Playstation DualShock 4 Controller
    • SCUF Controller (Concave Thumbsticks)
  • Included in the set:

    2 x Curved Caps lowly
    2 x Curved Caps high
    2 x Domed Caps lowly
    2 x Domed Caps high

Can be combined infinitely with the RAISX.

RAISX are not only one of the few stick extensions that can be optimally combined with CURBX. They also offer a wide range of other possible combinations: Every grip cap fits. This way, you can achieve exactly the stick height and feel that is ideal for you.



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