THUMBX thumb guard

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Improves precision

Prevents slipping on the analog stick in fierce battles

Approved for tournaments

As official eSport sponsor of many competitive teams, we have our products authorized for tournaments

Easy to use

Put on and roll over your thumb - done

Detailed informations

  • Designed and tested for shooters, as well as for games with high stick movement
  • Tested and in daily use by various clans and professional players
  • Approved for tournaments
  • High quality, elastic processing
  • Can be shortened individually
  • Suitable for:
  • Included in the set:

    10 x Thumbx

Perfect hold and 100% grip

THUMBX puts an end to slips! The THUMBX thumb guard helps when things get critical: in situations where an opponent really makes you sweat. So just when you need every advantage. With the use of THUMBX, you create a separation layer between your sweaty thumb and controller - and thus retain total control over the analog stick even when things get really hot.

Our thumb guards are made of pure latex - this natural material is characterized by high elasticity. This ensures longer durability and high comfort when wearing.

Be the Hunter. not the hunted.

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Thumbs up for perfect fit Shorten THUMBX correctly

The THUMBX are delivered in one size. If the lower edge is too narrow for you, you can try the following: Put your little finger under the edge and pull it towards you. This stretches the material. If it's not better, you can shorten the THUMBX.