Sponsoringbe a part of it

Are you a clan that passionately plays shooters? Then contact us!
We are happy about every clan we can support.
And of course also about individual pros looking for sponsors.

What can you expect?


As part of the GAIMX network, you and your team will receive special conditions

Ancillary benefits

Besides the actual products, we also offer you a wide range of additional services such as social media consulting.

Affiliate program

Every sale that comes about through you will be rewarded by us!

Special deals

Sponsored teams receive special sponsoring offers that are only available to you.

And so forth

There is much more! Apply now and find out what is still waiting for you.

Your application!

We receive a lot of inquiries every day and can only respond to your request once we have all the relevant data, so I would ask you to prepare and make the following content available to us. This simplifies our application process and internal coordination. The more accurate the data, the better your chances.

  • Name of the team / organization
  • Links to all social media profiles of the team/organisation (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch etc.)
  • Provable figures for social media channels (please include screenshot proof of the last 6 months)
  • Which platforms are used by you (approximate information is sufficient)? (Example: PS4: 50%, Xbox: 40%, PC: 10%)
  • Number of active members / players
  • Streamer available? (Please send links)
  • Designer available? (Please send links)
  • People who actively use Instagram for gaming (list with links)
  • Concrete ideas and wishes about the cooperation
  • Marketing concept (planning & goals) for marketing our products and GAIMX
  • List of all current sponsors / partners with links
  • (optional) sponsors folder map
NOTE: We ask for your understanding that we only consider applications that provide the above information complete and strive for serious cooperation. Partial answers or incomplete information will be rejected by us without consideration of the information supplied. Additionally we ask for netiquette compliance.
Data protection: We will process and use your information carefully and in accordance with the privacy laws. The personal data you provide will only be used for the purpose of processing your sponsorship enquiry and for the purpose of providing our sponsorship support. Further details on the processing of your personal data by GAIMX as well as detailed information on your rights can be found in our privacy policy.