RAISX Stick control

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RAISX stick control
besseres aim

Better Aim

RAISX allow up to 50% more accurate timing

curbx kompatibel

CURBX compatible

RAISX can be easily combined with CURBX

bessere Ergonomie

Better ergonomics

Interchangeable caps for perfect tuning

Detailed informations

  • Extension of the stick by 11 mm and 13 mm (with the adapter set up to 25mm)
  • Improved leverage with up to 50% better Aiming
  • Enlarges the range in which high-precision steering movements are possible
  • No loss of warranty of the controller, due to Plug'n Play mechanics
  • RAISX is one of the few stick extensions that can be easily combined with CURBX.
  • Body made of robust ABS plastic for optimum durability
  • Replaceable grip cap made of high-quality silicone - any standard grip cap can be used
  • Individual adaptation of the controller for perfect ergonomics
  • Admitted for tournament games
  • Compatible with:
    • Playstation DualShock 4 Controller
    • SCUF Controller (concave thumbsticks)
    • Nacon Pro Revolution Controller 2 (right stick)
    • Xbox One Controller
  • Included in the set:

    1 x high RAISX (13 mm) + 1 x low RAISX (11 mm)

RAISX Visual

Optimum leverage

„Give me a lever long enough to move the whole world with one hand“

Archimedes already knew how powerful leverage can be. Our RAISX Stick Control uses the same principle: A longer analog stick gives you a longer lever. And thus more power during steering movements. In addition, the area in which the crosshairs can be moved smoothly and precisely is enlarged. Especially for snipers an enormous advantage!

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RAISX Visual

Infinitely combinable

RAISX are not only one of the few stick extensions that can be optimally combined with CURBX. They also offer a wide range of other possible combinations: Every grip cap fits. This way, you can achieve exactly the stick height and feel that is ideal for you.


Be the Hunter. Not the hunted.

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