PRO PACK aim optimizer

Part-No.: 1004010 EAN: 4260407029974

  • A killer combo – the GAIMX shooter accessories combined in one bundle.
  • CURBX motion control / a damper for the right stick / available in 5 different strengths try out and find the one which fits you best
  • SNIPEX quick scope / a permanent point visor / 4 versions
  • THUMBX thumb guard / for perfect friction control
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  • Content: one piece of each CURBX strength, four SNIPEX sights, five THUMBX

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Our brand new killer combo for a perfect aiming experience: the PRO PACK! Combining all accessories by GAIMX. CURBX enhances the precision of the right stick. THUMBX acts as a friction-improving device for no-sweat handling of the right stick. With the SNIPEX, you always aim right in the middle of the screen while quickscoping. Don’t wait, aim like a pro. CURBX + THUMBX + SNIPEX = HEADSHOT. Our mission is your victory! CURBX, which is based on natural rubber, was developed specifically for shooters (FPS games /ego-shooter, 3rd-person-shooter). CURBX leads to higher drag, which increases the precision of the right stick. This enables you to play with the highest sensitivity setting. Quickscoping on a level never seen before. The SNIPEX, placed right in the center of the screen, will provide you with a degree of precision previously unheard of. The SNIPEX is re-usable, washable, adhesive without being sticky and it’s purpose-built for FPS games and 3rd person shooters. Your enemies will know by headshot! Stay cool with the THUMBX! Perfect grip and control for the right stick - without breaking a sweat when your enemies put the pressure on. THUMBX, based on natural latex rubber, is the perfect accessory for FPS games and 3rd person shooters.


EAN 4260407029974
Safety advice Attention: Small parts, not for children under 3 years. Use under direct adult supervision. TH/UMBX are not suitable for people with latex allergies.
Compatibility Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch Pro, Other
Package Content one piece of each CURBX strength, four SNIPEX sights, five THUMBX
17.08.2020, 22:33:45
Top Produkt würde ich immer wieder bestellen
08.07.2020, 08:47:08
Es ist Wahnsinn wie man sein Aim tatsächlich durch kleinere Modifizierungen nochmals verbessern kann. Absolut empfehlenswert probiert es selbst aus, bestes Beispiel Call of Duty MW macht mit CURBX +THUMBX wesentlich mehr Spaß weil man viel mehr Kontrolle hat.
04.07.2020, 17:08:11
Montage war einfach aber noch nicht getestet
12.05.2020, 13:50:34
Am Anfang noch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig aber jetzt nach 3 Tagen im Einsatz kann ich sagen: Das Pack hält, was es verspricht!
11.04.2020, 10:49:32
Alles drin was Gamer brauchen :)
05.02.2020, 12:51:25
Sehr gute Qualität zum fairen Preis