GRABX control grip

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Due to the special formula, the GRABX do not absorb sweat and are therefore odourless

Approved for tournaments

As official eSport sponsor of many competitive teams we authorize our products for tournaments

Simple replacement

The adhesive side lets you remove the GRABX without residue. Please read the instructions for use

Detailed information

  • Helps to keep the grip on the controller in dicey situations during the game.
  • High quality workmanship with the best materials
  • No loss of warranty of the controller
  • Prevents slipping on the controller
  • Tested and in daily use by various clans and professional players
  • Admitted for tournament games
  • NOTICE: Not suitable for controllers with individual painting
  • Compatible with:
    • Playstation DualShock 4 Controller (SCUF-, AIM-, Burn- and King-Controllers)
    • Xbox One & One S Controller
    • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Included in the set:
    • one GRABX each for the left and right side of your controller
    • user's manual

It's all in the mix


Pleasant surface

To provide you with the necessary grip when gaming, we have refined the formula of the surface and the result is a sweat-repellent and odourless material.


grip damping

The middle layer of our GRABX is made of a similar material as you know it from the CURBX. This gives you a pleasant grip.


Micro suction cups

The suction cups of the SNIPEX have been reduced in size many times over. The result: A strong adhesive material that won't come off your controller - unless you want it.

Be the Hunter. Not the hunted.

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